24 June 1883 is recognised as the establishment of St John Ambulance in Australia. It was on this day, at the Athenaeum Theatre in Melbourne, that a public meeting was convened to establish the first Branch of the St John Ambulance Association in Australia. The ‘aid to the injured movement’ grew quickly with volunteer doctors teaching first aid to the workers on the nation's railway years. From this, we have our skilled First Aid volunteers today.

St John has grown across the decades to become a truly national organisation – well established in every state and territory. We are part of an international network spanning 44 countries around the globe. Together we can celebrate our many services and the positive impacts achieved within our diverse communities. We can also unite to recognise the dedication and commitment of more than 20,000 volunteers and staff across the nation.

The celebrations begin on St John's Day, 24 June 2023, and will run throughout the remainder of the year culminating in November 2023.

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