Press Kit

First Aid for Learner Driver Program Evaluation

Every year around 1,200 Australians are killed and 44,000 are seriously injured on our roads. Medical intervention in the immediate period following a traumatic injury can prevent death and reduce the impact of injuries. Evidence shows that bystander First Aid reduces pre-hospital deaths and severe injury in the critical time it takes emergency services to arrive at the scene of a road crash. Unfortunately, however, many people lack the skills or confidence to adequately respond in these situations. In fact, fewer than 5% of Australians have the First Aid knowledge and skills to save a life in an emergency.

QUT in collaboration with St John Ambulance Australia will be evaluating the effectiveness of the First Aid for Learner Driver eLearning program. The evaluation will involve completion of two surveys to assess participants change in knowledge, attitudes and confidence following completion of the eLearning program. Participants willing to participate in this evaluation will be asked to complete a 15-minute survey prior to, and 2 weeks after completing, the First Aid for Learner Driver program.

To complete the survey and/ or find out more information about the study, see the following link Participants will be thanked for their contribution with $50 Prezzee e-voucher.

Please share this within your networks and encourage participation – First aid training can give people the skills to save someone’s life.