Press Kit

St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital update

Gaza Update

We are adapting our services to cope with this emergency situation. 

We have been forced to close our Gaza clinic since Monday because it was too dangerous for staff and patients to keep it open. It remains unclear at this time when it will become safe to reopen, but we are expecting an influx of patients when it does. Currently, the building itself has not been damaged by any of the air strikes. 

In the meantime, our doctors are on-call at hospitals across Gaza to help with specialist eye care in emergency cases. When similar situations have occurred in the past, our services have been desperately needed to help people who are suffering from debris in their eyes or who have been hit with rubber bullets. The fragile eye needs immediate expert care if sight is to be saved. We are in the best position to provide this help. 

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East Jerusalem and the West Bank Update

The situation in Jerusalem has become more tense as rockets have landed in the area, a rare occurrence. Our Director of Nursing, Ahmad Ma'ali, who is based in our East Jerusalem hospital describes the situation there as 'very tense'. Fortunately, our staff have mostly been able to reach our hospital.

Our Mobile Outreach team continues to bring eye care to isolated villages across the West Bank. This is more important than ever before, because of the increased difficulties and dangers associated with travel. In this time of crisis, we would like to extend our eye care services to as many people as possible.

We are currently experiencing a reduction in patients in Jerusalem, because so many are in fear of their lives. We are therefore expanding our Outreach service as long as it is safe to do so, by sending specialists to our clinics across the West Bank to those who cannot access Jerusalem.

Our Anabta and Hebron medical centres are running a normal service, and are a haven for those patients in the surrounding areas.

One example of a case we have seen as a result of the recent riots and air strikes is that of a man who had been shot in the eye with a rubber bullet. Our doctors did all they could before he was transferred to Hadassah Medical Center (in West Jerusalem) for his other injuries. Word has unfortunately reached us that he lost his only eye, and is now blind. We are doing all we can to save the sight of those who are injured, but sometimes it is not always enough.

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