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St John (WA) call for common sense at Christmas and New Year

St John Ambulance Western Australia says the key ingredient to a successful Christmas celebration this year is basic common sense, with good cheer.

Fine, pleasant weather is forecast for Christmas Day, with an anticipated maximum of 30 degrees.

St John Ambulance Metropolitan Ambulance General Manager James Sherriff said as conditions will not be extreme, people may let their guard down as they indulge in eating, drinking and enjoying a merry time with loved ones.

“We genuinely want all people to have a good time on Christmas Day, however, if you don’t space your drinks or you over-indulge, you may become ill and dehydrated and may require paramedical treatment,” said Mr Sherriff.

“Even worse, when you become intoxicated, you can lose your usual self control and arguments can start and family tensions boil over, resulting in people being hurt and injured possibly requiring an ambulance.”

“If you are hosting Christmas, you can help avoid this by making sure there’s plenty of water, juice and soft drink available for your guests.”

Planning to spend time outside or around the pool? Remember to slip, slop and slap advises St John.

“Even though it’s not going to be a scorcher, it will be sunny enough to cause sun burn and heat stroke. The best way to avoid this is to apply sun protection, drink water and retreat regularly into the shade.”

Mr Sherriff said the role of parents is much tougher on Christmas Day and he encouraged young adults and older family members to help keep an eye out for the kids.

“Christmas celebrations can be chaotic amidst unwrapping presents and preparing Christmas dinner so children can quickly get into trouble if adults become distracted,” James said

“The arrival of new toys for the older kids can often introduce new choking hazards for the little ones, as do the novelty items in the Christmas crackers; while poolside celebrations pose the added risk of drowning.”

St John strongly recommends having a first aid kit at home or in your car if you’re visiting people over Christmas, and in the case of an emergency call triple zero (000).

“As always the State Operations Centre and Ambulance service will be on duty on Christmas and Boxing Days, and in an emergency situation don’t hesitate to call triple zero (000) and you will receive assistance.”

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