Press Kit

St John Ambulance Australia Research Scholarships

St John Ambulance Australia (St John) is Australia’s leading provider of first aid training, first aid services at public events and supplier of first aid kits and equipment. St John runs the ambulance services in Western Australia and the Northern Territory and provides a range of community services and youth development programs.

In support of first aid related research in Australia, St John is pleased to offer three once off scholarships of $5,000 each in 2015.

Who can apply?

The scholarships are available for University Honours students undertaking first aid related research in 2015.

How can I get one?

In order to be awarded the scholarship you will need to provide:

1. evidence of ethics approval from your university when available

2. a project outline (no more than 800 words) which includes the following:

a. a project title;

b. a description of your project;

c. an explanation as to how the project relates to first aid and St John;

d. a summary of the research problem and the gap in knowledge that is to be addressed by the project

e. project timelines;

f. an outline of how the scholarship funding will support the research project.

g. details of your project supervisor including title, name, qualification(s), department/school

3. Agreement to publish a report of the research and to acknowledge St John scholarship funding in any reports, presentations and publications.

Applications must be submitted by email to no later than Friday 27th February 2015.

What next?

Successful applicants will need to provide evidence of their university ethics approval and a copy of their ethics application for review and endorsement by the St John Ambulance